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Retriever's Zuli and Bailey - look at those healthy coats! No dog skin problems for these two fed on raw dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone"
Zuli and Bailey

They love it :)

All the Best,
Pugs are extremely happy on their raw food diet made by "Give a Dog a Bone"
Two pugs from the Cape of Good Hope
Whose food needed much broader scope
They found this man Chris
Who said, “Here, try this!”
And now with their health they can cope!

Thank you, Chris, for a new “leash” on life, 
from 2 beautiful pugs,
Bongo and Jembi
Dog food that is raw natural and healthy suits Rainbow the Shih Tzu bestShih Tzu Rainbow is happy and healthy on her raw natural "Give a Dog A Bone" dog foodthe best dog food for Shih Tzu rainbow is natural raw "Give a Dog a Bone"

"Update:  Rainbow is enjoying her BARF tremendously.  She finishes it fast, and always looks at me for more....
Your product is amazing.  I am "glad" that Rainbow had those allergies that started me finding out more 
and reading lots and lots of articles on food nutrition for dogs.... 
thanks again for starting this product, it’s wonderful."  


Pit Bull Terriers Jasmin and Tyson wait excitedly for their "Give a Dog a Bone" natural raw dog food
Jasmine and Tyson

LOVING their new food!

Thanks for the food and advice. The dogs really love the food and we will def continue with you guys. I can already see change in my boy after two days

Yvette and Stefan

Daschund loves his raw dog food

Hey - Thanx.  Must say i enjoyed the dinner that my mom got from u,  and I had breakfast this morning  -  really delicious,  much better than those crunchy bits!

I am off to my girlfriend Ruby armed  with some breakfast for her to try ...

Thank chow ...

Skye the boxer loves her "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food based on the barf diet philosophySkye the boxer can't wait for her raw natural dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone" to be delivered
"Skye loves her new food - at dinner time she actually sings for her supper"
Siamese Cat Snitch and Khan the kitten lapping up their new free range chicken cat food dinner by "Catch of the Day"
Snitch and Khan

Hi Chris/Cheryl

As you can see my cats are woolfing it down! Think I might have no problem with the transition from pellets to raw!
Typically they are eating out the same plates even though I dished up 2!
Thanks for everything have a great weekend!


No more flatulence -Tigger the cat no longer farts on his "Catch of the Day" rawchicken cat food  Tigger

Kitties are doing well. No more smellies coming from their tummies during TV time.

I think this product is amazing


Siberian Husky Indigo eats raw dog food "Give a Dog a Bone"Huskies Copper and Indigo are thriving on raw dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone"Alaskan husky copper loves his "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food
Copper and Indigo

Was lovely to meet you, and my dogs would definitely love to see you again! haha - they were so thrilled with the turkey bones

Tracy Robertson
Lilly the Pomeranian keeps healthy on raw "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food despite her heart conditionRiley the Papillon - healthy and happy , she has been fed "as Nature Intended" on raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"Travis the Papillon - his coat turned from dry and brittle to beautiful on raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"
 I have 3 terrors, Lilly, Pomeranian mix who I rescued 5 years ago. She has a heart condition and the only thing that keeps her well is the raw food.  If she has even a little bit of the commercial "doom nuggets" her lungs fill with fluid.  But she is doing very well for an old lady and is a happy little girl.

My boy, Travis, he is a 3 year old Papillon.  He was in a total state when he arrived, dry, brittle coat that was falling out in hand fulls.  I have had him for a year  and he just got his Championship, I get asked all the time how I got his coat so beautiful.  I keep telling everyone. - R A W !!!!!!!!!!

Riley, the baby of the house, she is a 10 month old Papillon who we put onto RAW the day she arrived

Gina and Roxy the daschunds are loving their "Give a Dog a Bone" natural health dog foodGina is suffering from Mast Cell Tumours. Raw natural dog food was recommended to help restore her health
"Thank you ever so much for all your support and information.  Gina and Roxy have being on your BARF food now for about a month, and I cannot tell you how much they love it – I cannot put it down quick enough – they stand behind me crying for the food while I am putting it in their bowls!" 

Please spare a thought for Gina (the Chocolate Dapple)
 who has had surgery for mast cell tumours
Breze and Judy lazing after a delicious meal made by "Give A Dog" dog foodRed Setters and Weimeraner thriving on "Give a Dog a Bone" raw natural dog food diet
 Judy and Breeze                                                                                     Molly, Breeze, and Gabbi
Jinx and Ozzy eat the best dog food - "As Nature Intended"'s "Give a Dog a Bone raw natural dog food
Jinx and Ozzy
Maltese poodle Snowy had terrible skin problems. She is improving every day on raw dog food "Give a Dog a Bone"
My mommy is so very HAPPY that she feeds me
 "Give a Dog a Bone " meals.

My skin is so much better & I am not scratching as much.  it may take time to heal but I know my mommy will take good care of me ...

 Woof woof....
Lilly the Bull Terrier is happy and healthy on her "Give a Dog a Bone" raw natural dog food
"Lily is doing great on the food.

Thanks for a great food and all the information.
Since she has been on 'Give a Dog a Bone' she has lots of energy,
she is more alert and her skin and coat is looking great -
and all that in one month! "

Pongo the German Shorthaired Pointer loves his raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"


Cracker loves natural raw holistic dog food made by 'As Nature Intended'
Rocky on the 'BARF' diet, "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food. What a difference! He has lost weight, he is more alert and he loves the food
"On the recommendation of our vet, we put our Yorkie Rocky on the BARF diet, as prepared by Chris. What a difference!  He has lost weight, he is more alert, and he loves the food.  I totally agree with the BARF concept and our boykie is the proof"

Richard Bedford
     Big Time Yorkie Lover
Teddy lovestTurkey raw dog food dinnermade by "As Nature Intended Luca loves "Give a Dog a Bone" Free Range Chicken Dinner dog food
Munchkin the beautiful cat loves munching "Catch of the Day" cat food - the best cat food around

Herewith pic of my darling precious Munchkin.
He is silky smooth now that he is eating healthy food.
Thanks for the amazing product.
Lots of love from us cat lovers.

Ming knows that cats are carnivores and that the best cat food is As Nature Intended's "Cath of the Day" chicken dinner
Our second kitty.
Like a little delicate Ming vase  - she is precious
and absolutely loves the raw food.
just like the lizards and birds she eats in the garden

Cane Corso Joey - beautiful healthy coat - thank to "give a Dog a Bone" raw natural dog foodOliver the Boston Terrier has found relief from dog skin problems by eating raw natural food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"

Thanks so much, the dogs are really thriving on it!



                Joey                                                                                                                       Oliver 
Whippet Indy's immune system is so much better on raw dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone"
 Many thanks,  Indy is doing SO well on the food

 and loving her healthy immune system.

Raw Cat food from "Catch of the Day" keeps Miss Indy purring
Miss Indy - Sleeping Beauty

What attentive customer service you offer – thank you.

Stay Well

See how Satchmo has grown on "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food
Satchmo: from  8 weeks to one year

"See how I've grown on 'Give a Dog a Bone' !"
Cat food that is raw healthy nutritious and delicious
"Izzy loves the Cat of the Day Chicken Dinner.  

She actually deigns to grace us with her presence around mealtimes!"


"The dogs went absolutely APE for the food and wolfed it down and didn’t stop wagging their tails all night.  Allie on the other hand; well, she had a few licks and then shouted at me. Going to try mix in more tuna and slowly get her onto the raw food"

Two days later....

"Just a quick update!  My cat, Allie, officially the worlds fussiest, dry-food addict, is LOVING your food!  She is slowly eating more chicken and less tuna and tonights meal was only chicken with a splash of tuna water!  She is already happier and more friendly!  I am so excited about this food!  Telling everyone I know about it!"


Maine coon kittens reared the natural way on "Catch of the Day" raw cat food made by "As Nature Intended"

Our youngest
customers -
Coonstar's Maine Coone kittens
 thriving on
"Cat of the Day"
raw cat food 


Minitaure Schnauzer Neena loves her "Give a Dg a Bone" raw dog food

I have to say that  Neena is mad about the food and I will definitely order some more.  

Kind Regards, Gilly
I love my dad - Chris from "As Nature Intended" - he makes the best dog food
"I love my dad.... 'cos he makes the best food in the world!"


My favourite dog food is definitely "Give a Dog a Bone"Dog Food which is raw natural and fresh made by "Give a Dog a Bone" is our favouriteDog food made from free-range chicken, fruits, veg, and herbs - yum
Oscar and Jessie

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