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fresh raw dog food and raw cat food definitely beats dry dog food



Thank you for visiting our site, and for your interest in our "Give a Dog a Bone"  and  "Cat of the Day" raw dog and cat food.  On this page we want to share our story of how we became raw feeders, and to tell you more about our food 
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We are a family who love our animals. Our first experience of raw feeding  happened twenty years ago with our bullmastiff, Kismet.
Kismet - our dog whose life was saved by natural raw dog food

For the first two years of her life, Kismet was plagued by health problems.  The worst of these was a skin condition which would start as a rash and erupt into raw open sores.  After many conventional veterinary  treatments (anti-biotics, cortisone) we were advised to put our  gorgeous girl down and end her suffering.  In desperation we searched for an holistic vet.

The problem was simple - food!   The new vet told us to get her off pellets and onto real food  -  as nature intended her to eat.   Her life was literally saved by switching her from an extremely expensive kibble /pellet dog food to the raw, real food diet.  She lived a long, happy and healthy life.

We became fascinated with this diet, and read everything we could get our hands on.   More details on the barf diet and natural pet-rearing can be found on the  Why we feed a raw diet  page.  Everything we read confirmed our experience that natural raw food made for happy healthy dogs and cats.

Satchmo and Kaesha healthy dogs thriving on barf raw dog foodSo, when we got to getting our new puppies  we wanted to start off right.

We fed Satchmo and Kaesha on food which combined raw meaty bones with a little bit of vegetables, fruit and herbs from the day they came to us.

The result was two healthy, happy pups with silky coats, white teeth, clean breath, and fantastic natures.

Seeing this, we switched our cat to raw cat food.  What a change!  She was an old cat, and we had put her lethargy down to age. Within two days the results were clear.  
Raw natural cat food "Catch of the Day" gave flat-cat a new lease on life

Flat Cat became playful again, and her "inner kitten" got back to getting up to all sorts of delightful mischief!  Her hair-shedding stopped, and her coat became shiny and soft.
We were so excited by the changes in our animals that we couldn't stop telling our friends about it. Many of them asked to try our food for their animals.
One friend whose dog suffered from constant diarrhea reported that he had had normal stools for the first time in his life. This was after many vet visits and attempts at treatment. 

Another friend said that she hadn't even realised that her dog was depressed. She thought that his lethargy and his anxiety were simply a part of his nature. With a change to raw food, she watched him change into a confident, lively dog.
We decided that it was time to make this food available to other people. That was six years ago now.  We have been so happy to see the results.  Some pictures at the end of this page tell stories of our client's pets. Dogs and cats with itchy skins have found relief on the raw diet. The owners were happier too. Bad dog and cat smells had cleared up. The animals had less stools.  Vet bills were getting less.

our kitchen shop - home of As Nature Intended - makers of Give a Dog a Bone rawd dog food and Cat of the Day raw cat foodThe fantastic kitchen staff
We remain a home-based business, situated in Cape Town, South Africa.  Over the six years, however, we have grown out of our small home kitchen, and As Nature Intended now has a home of its own in Muizenberg, six awesome chefs in the kitchen, a full-time driver for deliveries, and our wonderful office and shop manager.  

You can find us on the corner of Albertyn and Clevedon Roads in Muizenberg.   We would love you to come and visit!
Raw dog food and raw cat food : "Give a Dog a Bone" and "Catch of the Day" are made from fresh free range chicken, vegetables, fruit, and supplements"Give a Dog a Bone” and “Cat of the Day”  are our ready-mixed raw meals for dogs and cats, each available in a variety of flavours. Our meals contain the correct proportions of raw meat, bone, offal, vegetables, fruit and supplements recommended by the natural diet specialists.

All our meals our made from fresh produce which is fit for human consumption. 
All our recipes have undergone the strict analysis and stringent testing required by the Dept of Agriculture, and our foods are registered under Act 36/1947. We only use free-range chicken, and wherever possible, we use organic ingredients.  We do not use any cereals or grains.  Careful research has allowed us to ensure that these meals are balanced according to your pets needs.  

They are also very tasty and easy to serve. The fresh food is minced and packed as frozen meals in 1kg, 500g, or  250g re-sealable bags.  Your dog and cat food will give your pets all the nutrition they need.  The only supplement we recommend is salmon oil as an Omega 3 source. This is because this oil loses its nutritional value with freezing

Our bullmastiff Mojo loving his first raw meaty boneFor great teeth and for muscle co-ordination, treat your pet to whole raw meaty bones. Beef ribs and marrow bones, Turkey drumsticks and wings, Chicken necks and Chicken carcasses are available for purchase.  We also stock whole pilchards which are great for both dogs and cats., and a natural source of Omega 3.    Here is the latest addition to our family - Mojo at 12 weeks old, enjoying his first beef rib.

Last, but not least are those little extra treats - we have a range of preservative-free  dried meat treats, as well as baked dog and cat treats available.

We also stock a range of herbal supplements for animals with health problems - including dog and cat skin itch relief, help for arthritis and others.
Full details of all the food that we have available can be found on the  On the Menu  page.
If you are new to raw feeding, the  How to feed raw pet food  page gives advice for changing your pet's diet.

Feedback from Well-Fed Friends

Please send us your pictures and comments by
e-mail and we will upload them here
Newcomers to "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food and "Catch of the Day" cat food:
Badger the puppy growing so well on his Give a dog a Bone raw puppy food

Badger is the cutest rescue pup brought to Muizenberg from Prince Albert. He was not expected to survive but with the help of TEARS vets and raw food - he has made it to over 3 kg

Marion and Trevor
BBarbosa's favourite raw food _ "Give a Dog a Bone" Free Range Chicken Dinner

Here is a picture of my Boxer, Barbosa.  If he could speak the human language, he would be saying:
“Yum, this free-range chicken meal is so fresh and tasty!  My mom MUST love me!"

Phoenix works hard for her "Give a Dog a Bone" raw dog food diet

Phoenix - beautiful and clever

Mike and Moira
Raw cat food "Cat of the Day" makes this cat want more!Sheba and Ezra thriving on their "Cat of the Day" raw cat food

Sheba and Ezra - making us laugh :)

Daniela and Marcel
Tyson loves his raw dog food so much it is helping him to recover

This is Tyson coming home after
being filled with morphine -

cant walk......but still wants his raw food!

Lilani and Duane
Yebo who is a dog with epilepsy is thriving on raw dog food from :Give a Dog a Bone"

Here's a pic of one very happy well fed Basenji called Yebo!

Because of epileptic seizures we want to feed our dog fresh meat menus only. Our Basenji Yebo! is doing very well on your  Give-a-dog-a-bone menus and he loves the carcasses, necks and bones very much.
We are sure it helps keep the seizures away, it makes Yebo's fur shiny and healthy and we have a very happy dog around the house. Thank you guys!

Myrthe, Marco and Yebo
French bulldogs Lilou and Korben love their new raw dog food
My dogs have absolutely been loving the new food!  
They are super excited at meal times and gobble it all up.
I think they are doing really well on it, their stools are way firmer etc.

Wolfie the Irish Wolfhound puppy growing beautifully on "Give a Dog a Bone" raw food

Thank you for your continued good service and consistent good food.  Here is a picture of Wolfie.


Clarence and Barnaby are mad about their "Give a Dog a Bone" raw foodClarence and Barnaby are mad about their "Give a Dog a Bone" raw foo

Clarence and Barnaby - Thank you Saskia for these awesome pics
Some old favourites...

Oscar's itchy flaky skin problems and dog allergies have cleared on pure rawminced chicken dog food"Oscar had itchy, flaky skin full of scabs.  His face was swollen, he was losing hair, and he was scratching himself raw. He is about six months old now and seems to have inherited sarcoptic mange  and also has a very diffficult immune system.  He is allergic to everything.

Since being on the 'Give a Dog a Bone'  raw chicken mince, combined with treatments, he has transformed from a frustrated itchy puppy to a playful, relaxed and very shiny dog.  His skin condition is great. 

His interaction with us is different too.  He's more obedient, affectionate and alert"

Raw dog food has improved Xena's Pancreatitis symptoms. She gets a special low-fat raw food diet for dogs made by "Give a Dog a Bone"
Dear Gimmeatastybone

Your low-fat mix has been just what I need to get myself back in shape for summer.

In fact, I turned quite a few heads the last time I was down at the beach.

Not bad for a 91-doggy-year-old lady like myself, heh?

And it's all thanks to your diet

Now if I can just get the hyperactive collie upstairs to settle down when it's my naptime...

Paws 'n love,


Chocolate Labrador Berry is growing strong and healthy on his raw dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone"

We’re doing very well. Berry loves his food and has had no problem with the immediate transition. I too am getting in to the routine of defrosting, weighing and feeding. As well as adding the egg, sardine and bones in-between.

Here is a picture of Berry – eating his egg this morning!

Warm regards,  Dean

12 months later......
Berry the Chocalate Lab growing beautifully on his raw dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone"

Here are some pics you might enjoy - Berry has grown into a gorgeous boy.  He has been going to Cape Province Dog Club since he was a pup......they also encourage raw feeding.

Regards, Dean

Daisy thriving on raw dog food delivered to her door
Dear Chandre, Chris and Cheryl

Mom said you wanted some pics of me so I selected these ones so you could see how beautiful I am.
Also, you can see how fit I am from your yummy food Ben brings for me, and it makes me so fast that neither mom nor dad can ever catch me....

But then I get so thirsty that my tongue hangs almost to the ground, and guess what I am dreaming of after the bowl of water???  Yes, of course it's my supper...Mmmm

These are pics taken at Betty's Bay where mom and dad take me specially so I can run on the beach.
Daisy love Give a Dog a Bone nutritious raw dog foodRaw dog food gives Daisy loads of energy for running on the beac

By the way, mom says to ask you (remember I told you she is quite technologically backward) where you put my pics up on Facebook 'cos she tried to show them to me but couldn't find the last ones you said you had put up. Shame, please can you help her 'cos her screams of frustration really hurt my ears. 

Love Ms Daisy Lyddell

Both Roxy Rockstar - 9 weeks - and Geo - 11 weeks, 
absolutely love the “Give a  Dog a Bone” pup food!
Boxer Pups doing well on raw dog food from "Give a Dog a Bone"They started on it and took to it immediately and as a result their coats are smooth and soft, their breath is non odorous and they have masses of energy and a sweet contented nature.

It really is as nature intended, as is clearly proven by two healthy happy dogs!

Regards, Phil
Giant Shnauzer's thriving on their raw dog food
Olive, Bogart and Eva

Another happy little customer.......

Paddy the pug loves his raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"Raw dog food makes this Pug very happy and healthy
thank you for your YUMMY FOOD.  i love the chicken the most.  ive turned into a piggie and cant wait till my next meal ...
 its made me feel much better and now that my mummy put me on this food
i  havent been to that horrible vet place again..
 love Paddy
Dog Food that is raw and natural made by "Give a Dog a Bone" is helping Labrador Salty with his skin problems Muttley is looking forward to eating "Give a Dog a Bone" raw natural barf dog food

"Salty loves the food.  He cannot get enough of it - so far no complaints from him apart from he has to wait several hours until his next feed.

Our little one, Muttley, has taken an interest, so we are giving him a spoonful on his pellets, so that he does not feel like he is missing out. Once he has finished his pellets I will move him over to the new diet.

I might be seeing things but Salty seems to be a little friskier than normal."

Boerboel Dozer has heart problems, his Labrador mate has joint problems - both have been helped with raw dog food

I have a Boerboel with Aortic Stenosis (he is sadly only 3) and a lively 3 year old Labrador cross who recently had a cruciate repair so diet is super important.  
Boerboel dog Dozer has Aortic Stenosis. He has shown great improvement on raw dog food. 

Dogs loving the food..thanks!!!  Just goes to show what a good raw diet can achieve (he has been VERY strictly on one since diagnosis 6 months ago).

Dozer's cardiologist was delighted with his progress…an incurable and inoperable heart condition has actually improved!  The heart rate and beat is more regular and the thickening of the heart wall has REDUCED!
He says to carry on whatever
I am doing!

Yorkshire terrier Cash is thriving on "Give a Dog a Bone" raw healthy dog foodDog Food "Give a Dog a Bone" which is raw and natural has kept yorkie June in great shape

"I struggled for years to get Cash on a diet which he enjoyed eating. He hates kibble and with his sensitive tummy, I couldn't feed him anything else.  When I learned that the kibble I was giving him was actually a very low-grade product  (even though I paid hundreds a month for it!), I decided to explore other options.
We tried homecooking according to Dr. Pitcairn's guidelines, but my yorkies still had runny tummies and very bad breath.  And it was still expensive.
Once we tried Give a Dog a Bone's barf diet, my Yorkshire Terriers loved it!  Within two weeks, their breath was much nicer, their coats are shiny, their teeth are strong and white and the best of all, I don't have to struggle to get him to eat anymore!  He wolfs down his food and keeps asking for more.

 My Yorkies and I love the raw food - and it's so easy to feed it!"

Elzbieta the maine coon loves her "Catch of the Day" raw fresh cat food made from free-range chickenBegunnie the Maine Coon cat is wild about raw natural cat food made by "As Nature Intended"Jack the cat loves his fresh free range chicken dinner made by "Catch of the Day"
Callicoon's Elzbieta of Coonstar                                        Coonstar's Begunnie                        Coonstar's Coontucky Jumpin' Jack Flash

 "I must tell you that Jack is your bestest fan!  He gobbles that food down in no time" "Just thought I'd let you know that our Maska Shiye (Navajo for Strong Son) has lost so much weight on this diet. 

At the start of the show season in March this year, the judges consistently sent back a report saying he's a 'fatty-boom-boom' or 'needs to eat less hamburger'. At our annual Maine Coon Interest Group show in May he won the prize as Best Medium hair - which came with a large packet of dried food.

I immediately gave that away because I have no further use for it."    

Annie Conway
More Feedback from the friends of our dog food and cat food ....
(click on the link for larger pictures and their stories)
  Daschund loves his raw natural dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"thriving on "Give a Dog a Bone" Raw Dog Food -Jinx and Ozzyflat cat got so much better on raw natural cat foodJessie and Oscar the labradors are satisfied dogs after eating raw natural dog food by "Give a Dog a Bone"Kaesha the bullmastiff loves natural holistic raw dog food "Give a Dog a Bone"Bulldog Cartman is growing beautifully on "Give a Dog a Bone" raw dog foodRaw cat food means Coonstar's Maine Coon kittens are beautiful healthy and strongMika the Alaskan Malamute loves raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"Dachshund's thrive on raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone" dog foodDog food for Cracker the Australian shepherd must be raw "Give a Dog a Bone"Tigger loves his raw natural "Catch of the Day" cat foodBoxer Skye only eats raw natural dog food made by "Give a Dog a BoneCat fodd mad by "Catch of the Day" raw natural cat food is the best cat food for this bengal catWeimeraner puppy Breeze loves raw natural "Give a Dog a Bone" dog foodOscar's skin problems have cleared on raw natural dog food "Give A Dog a Bone"Satchmo and Kaesha the bullmastiffs eagerly awaiting their raw meaty bones dog foodLuca the Australian Shepherd dog loves his raw natural dog food "Give A Dog a Bone"Cat Food for Izzy the cat must be ra natural "Catch of the Day" cat foodWeimeraner puppy Breeze loves raw natural "Give a Dog a Bone" dog foodOscar's favourite dog food is raw, nutritious and delicious "Give a Dog a Bone" dog foodRocky the yorkshire terrier is happy and healthy eating "As Nature Intended"'s "Give a Dog a Bone" - the best raw natural dog foodBeani the fox terrier loves his raw natural dog bood "Give a Dog a Bone"Boerboel Keisha getting the best start in life with raw dog food made by "Give a Dog a Bone"Teddy the minitaure schnauzer loves his raw natural dog bood "Give a Dog a Bone"raw natural cat food by "Catch of the Day" is my best cat foodKeisha the boerboel is growing well on her raw natural dog bood "Give a Dog a Bone"Raw dog food made by "Give a dog a bone" is the only dog food for me"Catch of the Day" cat food - raw natural healthy and deliciousDog food should be raw, healthy and delicious "Give a Dog a Bone"Cat food that is pure natural and healthy keeps me happyKitty's skin problems have cleared on raw natural "Catch of the Day" cat foodDog food that is pure natural and healthy keeps me happy
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